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Electrical Engg. Department

Government Polytechnic

1 Shri Akhilesh Kumar Chaturvedi Lecturer Electrical (WORKING HoD) M.Tech (EE) 11 Y
2 Mr. Pratik Kumar Lecturer Electronics M.Tech (Elx) 14 Y
3 Shri Shishir Ranjan Lecturer Electrical M.Tech (EE) 2 Y
4 Shri Rishi Tripathi Lecturer Electrical M.Tech (EE) 2 Y
5 Mrs. Sakshi Mishra Lecturer Electrical M.Tech (EE) New
6 Mr. Vikash Kumar Tiwari Lecturer Electrical M.Tech (EE) New
7 Mr. Neeraj Kumar Lecturer Electrical M.Tech (EE) New
8 Mr. Atul Verma Lecturer Electrical B.Tech (EE) New

To strive continuously for excellence in education and research related to Electrical Engineering by nurturing human resource to contribute for sustainable development of industry and society. 
Empower students with fundamental knowledge of Electrical, Electronics and Computational Technology
Develop the foundation to undertake research in systems involving emerging fields of Electrical Engineering
Enable professional skills and competence to become consultants in the field of Electrical Engineering
Evolve as dynamic entrepreneurial human resources for the society
Program Educational Objectives: (PEOs)
Able to utilize domain knowledge required for analyzing and resolving practical Electrical Engineering problems.
Equipped with theoretical and practical skills to investigate and undertake complex projects of inter-disciplinary nature with wide impact.
Imbibed with the state of the art knowledge to adapt, ever transforming technical scenario.
Acquire social and environmental ethics for sustainable development of the society.


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